To buy a SallyE abstract painting, would you find them in a gallery, a studio, or on the Internet? Since I am a former graphic-web designer, the Internet is my first choice.


Known as Artist SallyE, I have a website, an ArtFinder online gallery, and an Etsy store. Here’s the story on each of these SallyE paintings sites. [Updated 6-8-16.]


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ETSY:  My first store choice because of its purpose,
“Shop Handmade Products – Buy Directly from the Artists.”

Here’s the link:
Browsers can search for different products or stores or artists, but to comment, favorite, follow, or actually buy, you have to start an account with Etsy. It’s a bit of a stumbling block, isn’t it?

I’ve found that all the online stores or galleries on the web, this is the way selling is done. It’s a method to capture your attention, but it really tests your desire to make that comment, favorite, or purchase. I hope you’ll jump over this obstacle. If you get pesky email afterward, tell them to quit it (unsubscribe).


“Shop one-of-a-kind creations direct from independent artists around the world.”

Here’s the link:
You’ll find only artwork here and even prints and sculpture, but that’s it. No jewelry, no crafts, just art.

I have around 30 abstract SallyE paintings here so far. The reaction from the community has been very excellent. I have more favorites of those paintings than any of them on Etsy. Of course, after browsing and joining ArtFinder, you can comment, favorite, follow or buy a painting. And, again, you can stop any emails that result from your joining their membership.


Artist SallyE Home Page - June Website:
The story and the store, 2016

You know this link:
This is the new site (you’re on) where I have my own store. I considered how things were being handled on Etsy and ArtFinder and concluded that there was another, easier way to get this done.

The advantage to this online store for you is your ability to browse only SallyE abstract paintings at will. No signing up for anything until you’re ready to buy. I’m trying to take down all the roadblocks and make it easy. You’ll be buying directly from me, as on Etsy, but without their rules and regulations (or commission and fees).

Of course my website does not get the traffic that Etsy and ArtFinder do. I am going to try to get you to sign up to learn about deals I’m offering and new paintings, but it’s strictly your choice. With a loyal list of people who want to know about my paintings, I won’t need lots of traffic. See The Email and the Mini Painting Story.

As of now I have no other galleries or shows except in my home studio. Maybe one day… For right now, I’m hoping that my new store on my website will sell more paintings (with no commissions paid) by making it easier for you to look all you want, comment, favor, whatever, then buy – easily.

Please let me know your opinions on Etsy, ArtFinder, my paintings, and/or my own online store in the comments form below. It would help immensely.


Thanks for reading this map to finding SallyE paintings to buy!