We all know that an 8″x10″ painting, no matter the style or subject, is not going to look good hung above the fireplace mantle, nor above the sofa, nor on that big empty wall in the great room. I’ve recommended that these small pieces of art belong in the cozy spaces of your home or office. So what is a cozy space?


Where I find a cozy space is beside my bed, on the kitchen backsplash, a hallway niche or corner, above a desk or beside a chair. Small paintings need furniture or small architectural spaces to anchor them to the space. Let’s see how this works, then find those spaces for you.

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This is the first one I found – a wall above a table in the entry. It’s a narrow wall where the table and jar anchor the artwork. The very small art is enlarged with a mat and frame. (From Apartment Therapy)

An entry is one of the best cozy spaces in your house.





Interior decoration, entry table, entry decor, small spaces, cozy spaces

All kinds of possibilities for a small painting here in this entry: leaning on the wall on the table, a tiny painting on an easel on the table top, another painting below the clock, or a whole gallery of small or mixed size art without the clock.


cozy space, modern home office, Artist SallyE, contemporary decor

Here is a  modern desk, chair, and lamp plus art on the wall. I’ve enlivened the cozy space above the desk with SallyE Art (Blue Energy series).  I always recommend the wall above your desk – if there is one – as an ideal space for a favorite small painting or photo.


modern decor, contemporary art, cozy space, small space, Artist SallyE



This is another desk, though a lot brighter, that has a bright small painting to match its bright contemporary style (Classic Car Impressions, Artist SallyE). I’m guessing this “desk” is a space near the kitchen or entry where quick notes and lists are made, but it is decorated beautifully.


More Cozy Spaces Throughout the House

I have more examples of quiet or small or private, all called cozy spaces I’ve found that are perfect settings for small paintings. Of course I’m showing my abstract paintings for examples. See what you think.

contemporary decor, bedroom decor, bedroom design, art by bedroom table, small abstract art by Artist SallyE



First is a bedroom beside the bed. This cozy space has a bright square abstract over the side table (Canyon Gold by Artist SallyE). The rest of this bedroom decor is monocromatic and could use a pop of color. My choice was something red and orange. Many other bright or contrasting colors would fit this quiet color palette.


cozy space, small space, contemporary decor, modern design, abstract painting green, Artist SallyE


This dining or maybe breakfast room has a  lost cozy space at the end of a room, now occupied with plants. My painting, Bayou Secrets, fits into the space well, don’t you think?






contemporary decor, living room decor, abstract art, Artist SallyE


My last example is a cozy spot in a living room with a chair and table enlivened with an abstract by SallyE (Ocean Fury). I have suggested that small paintings can be used to unite tables and lamps, or even chairs and tables. I think this painting did the job here.






Small Paintings have a Home with you in Your Cozy Spaces.

It’s normal for us to look to the large spaces around our homes as blank spaces waiting for decoration. When you feel that job is done, take a look around for some of the spaces that would look and feel better with art to liven them up. Perhaps you need a small, bright painting to fit into those cozy spaces I found for you. You will enjoy your home all the more for it, I’m sure.