“Zigzag Beach” Abstract Painting


This is an 8″ x 8″ acrylic abstract painting in shades of turquoise and metallic blue with silver and lime speckles. Deep canvas can be displayed without framing, such as on an easel. Painting continues on the sides. It has been varnished for protection.

While you might think of putting it on easel, this painting can sit on a shelf and be easily moved around to suit your other artwork and for a new arrangement with the seasons or your whim. I am working on a second 8×8″ painting also in turquoise to complement this one. I’ll add the link here when it is completed so that you can have the pair of them for your shelf.

Of course you can hang this little painting in a cozy spot, like beside your bed, a narrow hallway wall, or a kitchen backsplash or nook. It can also join a group of paintings on a larger wall, but you may want to frame it to match the other art frames.



  • Small 8′ x 8″ abstract painting on deep canvas
  • Turquoise, deep blue with yellow and silver accents
  • Ready to hang or sit on a shelf
  • One of the Tropical Waters series


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