“Volcano” Small Triptych Abstract Paintings


One of my first sets I wanted this one to be dramatic and highly textured. I achieved that with molding gel and some sculpting tools. Add to that surface some bright orange and pearlescent copper paints, and you have drama. I went a little further adding some sponged on turquoise highlights.

The order of the panels can vary as you want. I, myself, changed the order several times. They might also be arranged vertically if that is the space you want to fill.

You need just 3 feet width to display these paintings. They would be at home over a desk or cabinet, or even on a backsplash with lighting. For a vertical set, you’ll need around 40″ of height, but just 20″ or so in width. Perhaps an entry narrow wall or the tall side of a gallery arrangement.

The paintings are signed front and back and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

I hope you will be enjoying these tiny paintings soon.



  • Set of three 5″ x 7″ abstract paintings (triptych) in rust, orange, and turquoise on a neutral gray background.
  • Heavy texture and pearlescent copper add interest
  • Canvas panels can be hung as is or framed either together or individually.
  • Shows beautifully over a desk or cabinet, even a backsplash.


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