“Tropical Series 3” Abstract Painting


Tropical waters hold all kinds of life. What do you suppose this one is? It looks like a tiny dragon to me. You?

This small 8×8” abstract painting is part of a series of four done on AquaBoard, experimenting with the surface using acrylic paints. The sheen of the acrylic paints is not here. It’s absorbed by the surface of this board. Still, there is a rough quality that is very fun to see in a painting.

Place this tiny dragon-teeming tropical waters-suggesting painting a short distance from your everyday area – on a narrow or short wall, on a desk, backsplash, or a shelf. Give yourself a shot of fun each time you see it (or the whole series).




  • 8×8″ Acrylic on AquaBoard (non-shiny surface, strong, thin board)
  • Aqua, dark marine green, swirls and curved strokes
  • Three in the series of 3 square paintings plus one 8×10″ painting