“Tropical Series 2” Abstract Painting


It’s like looking into the depths of a tropical pond or stream, even a cenote. All greens and blues with a touch of something bright.

This small 8×8” abstract painting is part of a series of four (Tropical Series) done on AquaBoard, experimenting with the surface using acrylic paints. The sheen of the acrylic paints is gone. Instead the shine is absorbed by the surface of this board. Still, there is a rough quality that is very interesting to see in a painting.

Hang this one is a cozy nook, backsplash, or lean it on a shelf with other small paintings or photos. It would even sit nicely on a desk. Every time you see it, you’ll feel like you’re there, somewhere tropical.



  • 8×8″ Acrylic on AquaBoard (non-shiny surface, strong, thin board)
  • Aqua, dark marine green, swirls and curved strokes
  • Two in the series of 3 square paintings plus one 8×10″ painting