“Starting Over Happy” Abstract Painting


This little 14″ x 11” abstract painting has a phoenix-like appearance. The gold metallic shapes and strokes in the center might be fire flames or at the least, a reemergence. Add the purple shapes and textures around the gold for a rock-like formation. Lots of movement for such a small painting.

A canvas panel, you might want to frame it, but it can be hung just as it is. If I were to frame it, I would add a mat – gray/silver, or light gold, or pale purple. Then, a dark frame – dark gray or black or even dark purple.

Now you need to find a cozy space to hang it. Bedroom bedside, over a table with a lamp or artwork, on a narrow wall. You have just the spot, I know.

The painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed on front & back, and is varnished for protection.



  • Small painting with a big impression.
  • Purple, gold, metallic paints, textures
  • Best in your home’s cozy spaces.

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