“Spring Spirits” Small Abstract Paintings


An unusual positioning of these two 6×8″ canvas panels makes the overall painting more dynamic, fun, and a beautiful addition to smaller wall spaces, or even shelves. First in the “Spirits” series. Compare it to “Autumn Spirits,” the second of the series.

The curvy paint stokes add some more excitement, randomly overpainting the diagonal stripes and flecky dark teal background. Top it all off with the round silver orb splitting the two canvases, and you have a very striking diptych. Is it yours?

Where would you like to hang it? First consider the colors in your rooms. Then, look for a cozy space where it will shine – beside the bed, desk, a lamp, kitchen backsplash, a hallway or entry nook. Or, if you have only large walls left to fill, why not group it with paintings of similar colors?

BTW, the Autumn Spirits diptych like this one, is (as you might guess) in oranges, red, burgundy and metallic bronze with lots of texture. Same kind of stokes. I’ll give you a deal for the two sets bought together (or any two paintings, really).



  • Two 6×8″ canvas panels painted as a diptych – first in the “Spirits” series
  • Lime, turquoise and pearlescent silver
  • Will light up a small space such as beside a bed or above a desk.

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