“Purple Waltz Quartet” Abstract Paintings


Each of these little abstract paintings is a 5×5″ deep canvas, sides painted to match each color of purple in ombre style (blending from one color to another). White metallic and bluer purple plus black produce a royal statement. See a post on how they were done here .

They each draw your eye. Fun to look at often.

They can rest on a shelf, high or low, or can hang on the wall, vertically or horizontally. Very versatile!

Purple is a strong color in a home. It looks excellent on a neutral wall or wood shelf, of course. The colors of the room could be yellows and golds and cream, or greys and blues and white. Also consider greens. They are such small pieces, you will probably have no trouble finding a shelf or wall where you can see them often.



  • Four 5×5″ Deep Canvases
  • Display vertically or horizontally
  • Sit easily on a shelf or cabinet
  • Purple, white, black gives them a royal feel.