“Ladder to the Sun”
abstract painting


This 14″ x 11″ acrylic abstract painting is almost a landscape. “Ladder to the Sun” is a scene of yellows to greens and turquoise plus some vertical and horizontal “steps” to? Added gel media gives the “water” some sparkle you can see in a close-up photo or walking by it on the wall. Fun and excellent result, but what is it?

The painting is a stretched 1-1/2″ deep canvas which allowed me to paint the thick edges, too. And it allows you to hang it with no frame. Cool.

There is some texture in this one, in the “clouds” and the “water” and even the “cliff” on the lower right side. The depth gained makes the painting fun to look every time you do.

So where do you plan to hang it? Consider the green-yellow-blue color and the walls where you might hang it. You don’t need a wide space, though. Just 17″ should do it. Kitchen, hallway, bedroom, entry? You have a spot, don’t you?

The painting is signed front and back, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.



  • A vertical canvas with deep edges
  • “Almost” a landscape
  • Bright, sunny¬†scene
  • Ready to hang