“High Spirits” Set of Four Abstract Paintings


These four 5×5” deep canvases were first painted in blending colors of red at one end and orange at the other, an ombré effect. These colors continued on the edges as well.

Next was the design which included two shades of blue, one sponged on, stripes of transparent brass, the orange and yellow curved strokes.

Each was finished with some small lines of bright metallic gold.

Very high spirits going on there. Fun and excitement on display.

These little canvases can sit on a shelf or hang from the wall, either vertically or horizontally. Such a compact set of brightness needs to find a home. You probably have just the spot!



  • Small 5″x5″ deep canvas paintings that sit nicely on a shelf
  • Bright red, orange, yellow and turquoise will give the shelf lots of life
  • Background colors change from red to orange, left to right, also giving movement to the set.

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