“Fiesta” Small Abstract Painting


This abstract painting is an 8×9″ abstract acrylic on gold brushed aluminum. Called “Fiesta” it has big swipes of bright colors, then some bronze and pearlescent lightening. The result is chaotic, exciting, and fun.

The sturdy aluminum (also used for award plaques and trophy columns) can be mounted to the wall with velcro, or mount it on an artist board to frame with a floater frame. Another idea is to lean it on a photo shelf.

If you want a to hang it on a wall, be sure the painting is mounted at eye level on a very narrow one. This might be on a hallway bend, a bedroom niche, or a kitchen backsplash. It would look nice with other like colors in a group on a larger wall. It will add bright color, shine and excitement to any location.

I've signed this painting front and back and it includes a Certificate of authenticity.



  • Gold Brushed Aluminum surface with bright acrylic paints
  • 8″ x 9″ plaque can be mounted right to the wall or set on a shelf
  • Bright colors add excitement to a narrow space.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 2 in