“Expedition 15-16-17”
three abstract paintings


Three 10×10″ abstract acrylic paintings called “Expedition 15-16-17” (triptych)

The background is highly patterned brown, then the red, peach, orange and black designs, followed by alternating light and dark washes (photo looks unfocused, but is not). Very smooth surface gesso panels let the paint brush glide, but photos are difficult.

It has a very rich and varied look, one time seeing the copper curves around the red circles, then the light and dark of the brown background markings, then the two-toned peach balls, or the slashes of black across, then down. Exciting.

These paintings are done on 10×10″ gesso panels – easy to lean against a wall from a shelf or table. They are also varnished for protection.

With a little over 30″ width, the set would look very nice over a desk where the person sitting there could enjoy it often. Do you have a space like that, or a wall to lean them against? This is a one-of-a-kind set of paintings. I probably couldn’t reproduce it if asked. It’s your original triptych.

The paintings are signed and numbered (for position) front and back and include a Certificate of Authenticity.



  • Three 10″ x 10″ sturdy gesso boards
  • Earth tones with metallic copper highlights
  • Can be hung in vertical or horizontal layouts
  • Ready to hang with velcro strips
  • One-of-a-kind triptych abstract paintings