“Autumn Spirits” Set of Two Abstract Paintings


Heavy texturing and peach painted background frame and add depth to bright orange, red, and burgundy. Highlighted with metallic bronze. From the “Spirits” series. The first in the series was “Spring Spirits,”  not yet listed here, but coming soon, along with “Summer Spirits,” just completed in May, 2016. Each set has a seasonally appropriate color palette.

This set is two 6×8″ canvas panels that meet long end to short end for more fun. Easy to hang without a frame with removable velcro strips.. Signed front and back, it has a protective varnish and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Try hanging it in the hallway next to some other artwork, or in a bathroom narrow wall. This compact piece of art will be a good addition to any small nook that needs some brightening color. You’ll love these two little paintings.



  • Two 6″ x 8″ canvas panels, one vertical, one horizontal for fun.
  • Lots of texturing with thick paints and palette knife.
  • Bright autumn colors and bronze metallic highlights.
  • Ready to hang with velcro strips or frame, either together or separately.
  • This small wall art will look best hung on a narrow wall or combined with others in a grouping of similar colors.