When I need inspiration or tips on a painting process I’m trying to do, I watch other artists paint on YouTube. It really helps me.


I admire these artists’ ability to record their every movement. I envy them their storage space needed to do video after video, plus the ability and time to get the videos edited and uploaded.

I have done step-by-step photos, though. Easy to put into a post, but difficult to remember to take each photo along the way. Here’s an example.


So I’m not Katharine Hepburn or Cecil B. DeMille!

I’m not so blessed with either showmanship or video storage space or time to edit. I found another way to record what I’m painting without recording every second, and that doesn’t take a lot of storage space or editing. It’s a little app called O-Snap(Link to App Store.)

I’m excited about it right now just from the description of what it will do. It takes time lapse snapshots of whatever you put in front of your iPhone or iPad camera. Then it helps you edit and make a slide show or video. Sounds good, I think.


Lights, Camera, Action, or Let’s Give it a Try

I decided to set up my photo shoot lights and my tripod to get my positioning right. I tried one light on a stand at about 5-6 feet and about 4 feet from where I’m working. The tripod is next to it, but I couldn’t get it high enough to tilt it down on the work. My solution was to shorten the tripod all the way and set it on the table. I’m not crazy about this because it’s the same table I’m working on. The table is pretty stable, so I think I’m OK.

My next idea was to try a short video. I did three of them before I got the angle of the camera right. All ready to go.

In this trial video I decided my space was more vertical from the angle I’m shooting, so I turned the camera into that tall position. Much to my surprise, the web wants it to be horizontal. I didn’t even have a cover thumbnail image that would work. I learned a lot about what not to do, but the next one should be spectacular, right?


Trying to Forgetaboutit!

Now I have to get over my stage fright. I don’t want to be watched while I’m painting. But I want the final result of having the process of making a painting recorded. I’ll have to bite the bullet, but I haven’t found the right painting or the right day yet. But I will. I’m working on it.

If you were looking for an example of how O-Snap works here, I’m sorry. Soon. I promise. All I have so far is my “pretend painting” video to show what I’ve accomplished so far. One day soon I’ll get the scene set and my head turned off to the filming. I just hope the painting turns out well, too.

[Here is the Post on the O-Snap video I finally recorded.]


I’d love it if you would give me your opinions about filming artists at work in the comment form below. It would be pretty helpful at this point, and I’d really appreciate your thoughts and tips.