“Painting, stopping to snap, then painting again is not the easiest thing to do,” says Artist SallyE as she learns the “paint-stop-paint” timing in order to record steps to her final abstract paintings.

Sally is interrupting her creative process every time she stops to record an in-progress painting. Video might be easier, but “I always feel like someone is watching over my shoulder,” she adds.

Let’s go on a trip through the process with the set of paintings shown above, now entitled “Royal Wine,” a quartet of 4″ x 4″ gesso board abstract paintings. In this set the design carries over between the boards making a cohesive design 16″ wide. Still a small abstract set of paintings, ready for a narrow wall, leaning on the wall above a chest, desk or table. Available now at Etsy.

To begin, I clear my table of extra things that have made there way here, grab my Samsung Notepad (camera), and after giving my new project a color palette, I get started with the painting. I’ve decided to do a neutral background, but with a little movement. First brown, then some interesting splashes of light gray.

©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve discovered it’s easier to take the photos after I wash up the brush from one color to another. I’m still thinking about what comes next, but I can still take a few photos without loosing those thoughts entirely.


Royal Wine Quartet Abstract Paintings - STEP 2

Next step: Deep foliage green. Slashes of deep color setting up for future grape colored formations later. Lots of fun doing those slashes, but quick to do. Wash up the brush and set up for another photo. Here you go…

©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

Royal Wine Quartet, Abstract Paintings – STEP 3

Step 3 is a highlight and background for the large round wine colored shapes coming next. I sponged it on with textured sponge. It still doesn’t look like much, but I have a vision. Stop. Take photo!

©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

Royal Wine Quartet Abstract Paintings - STEP 4

Finally, the wine colored shapes, both large and small. Now an exciting painting is developing. I’m liking this. Needs more detail and excitement. Stop. Take photo. (This one was hard to remember to do because I saw the wine shapes and was inspired to go on to the next step. Only washing the brush and stamp made me remember to shoot the photo.)

©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

Royal Wine Quartet Abstract Paintings - STEP 5

Step 5 had me going back for some more foliage green. The plan was to give the wine colored shapes some depth with green front and back. I like the effect, do you?

©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

Royal Wine Quartet Abstract Paintings - STEP 6

Step 6 is my suggestion of a grape vine trellis as well as some more layer adding depth plus connection between each board. Fun. Exciting. Now I can do all the photos I want. Here’s the final step.

©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

This time I saved each step in a photo (or two or three). My paintings go so fast when I’m feeling the next steps that stopping to take photos is very jarring. Sometimes I need to start again another time it interrupts my ideas so much. But I like to catch each step. They never really show completely in the final painting. This is the only way to show you – and me – how it was done.

The final edition of this quartet of paintings is a nice combination of colors on a finished composition of both excitement and pleasure. Hope you like it.

Any comments would be appreciated.
Ideas for comments:

How you remember to photograph your steps when in a creative mood.

What colors you might have used rather than what I chose.

Whether you like the tiny sets of paintings I do so much.

Thanks for reading!

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