At any gift-giving time we want to uncover something different, something appropriate, something memorable to give to our friends, loved ones, and office associates. And without unnecessary time spent, thank-you-very-much.


Electronics? Clothing or jewelry? Gadgets? How about art? Have you ever considered giving art? Perhaps a painting? (I would recommend a SallyE painting, of course.) Whether the person has everything or nothing,

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Here are a few important factors to help you make the best decision about your painting purchase.
  1. Space Size-Small, kitchen and dining

    This compact space has a modern look with its all white look.

    What size is the home, room, space? A person with a large space will appreciate a large painting, but those with more moderate-size and small spaces will prefer small pieces. I also combine small canvases into groups called diptych and triptych – groups of two and three paintings. Of course, other artists do as well. There are lots of ways to go to make your selected painting fit the space by either changing the size or doubling the number. Got it.

  2. Become familiar with the colors of the space where you think the painting might hang. If you don’t have any particular space selected, consider the overall colors, such as warm colors (red, orange, yellow, gold), cool colors (blue, green, purple), neutral colors – dark or light. This factor solved will make the selection of a painting much easier. You’re much closer to success. Yes.
  3. Interior design style? Ooooh. This one is complicated. Most of us are not familiar with interior design styles. Modern and traditional interiors are easy to recognize, but many homes and offices these days are more eclectic, combining those styles into one personal design.

    Modern interior with open spaces.

    Cozy living room, wood and rock, textures.

    Cozy living room: wood, rock, textures – all earth tones.

    Take a good look next time you’re visiting. Take a guess between modern and traditional. Look at your giftee’s space to find out what style of paintings they have and go from there. Do you see landscapes, portraits, abstract paintings? Those paintings and their styles are your best clues to both the interior style and your giftee’s preferences in art decoration. However, if you see no paintings or art, you are probably on the wrong track with this gift idea.

  4. Your gift will be appreciated for its uniqueness, that it’s one-of-a-kind. Nothing says special more than an original painting, large or small, whatever its style. You will need to know the other three factors – size, color, style – before you can find a unique painting your giftee will like.
  5. Blue and Green small square abstract on wall by Artist SallyEIf the painting is unframed, can it be hung on the wall in this state? Many paintings are created on deep canvases that have painted sides as well, giving them a ready-to-hang finish. If this is not the case, be sure to finish your original painting off with a frame. Don’t leave it to your giftee to do. It lessens your thoughtfulness.
  6. After all the space and style factors are decided, consider your budget. With a focus on just what you can afford, go big (big city, big names gallery), go intermediate (city small gallery, upcoming artists), or go small (personal galleries of upcoming artists, small town galleries of local artists.)


Ready to go gift shopping?

To make your search easier, try online galleries. This is how you will save tons of time. You’ll also find that all the online galleries and artists’ online stores include liberal return and exchange policies. And, if all else fails, galleries and artist stores offer gift cards, too. Need some suggestions?

  • ArtFinder “Artfinder is a global marketplace for affordable authentic art, connecting talented independent artists and galleries with art lovers who value craft, quality and originality.” I love this gallery. That’s why I’m there too. /ArtistSallyE
  • VangoArt “Real Art. Real People. Vango is an online marketplace that connects buyers, both first-time and experienced, to independent artists.” They sell only original art. I like this one, too. I’ll be there soon.
  • Etsy “A marketplace that is a world of vintage and handmade goods from independent sellers. Etsy protects every transaction, so shop with confidence.” Like a art faire online. I’m here, too. /ArtistSallyE
  • Zatista “The premier source for original art online. We believe buying original art should be exciting, fun, and incredibly easy. The art we present to you is from hand selected artists and galleries, affordable, and always of the highest quality.” Excellent search function. Nice store.
  • ArtistSallyE Why not? You’re here. There are only abstract paintings here, but they are original and various sizes. Take a look.

If all else fails, ask for help from the gallery. Online or in person, give them the information you found from your fact finding above, and they can help you find a painting – or ten. You will still need to make the final choice, but this help might give you more confidence that you have chosen well.

When the selection is made, the gift given, be sure to tell them why you selected this painting for them. This explanation always adds delight for the recipient. Even if the painting is not precisely what they wanted, your story will make all the difference, I promise!


Should you, can you give a well thought out art gift?

The bottom line is, if you know the person well or are learning about them or their business, a personalized gift such as a well-chosen painting will be treasured and remembered. I know these tips will make the selection easier and even fun.