Can this social media platform, Pinterest, relieve stress? How can looking at photos and art and quotes scrolling by change my stress and frustration to relaxation, rejuvenation, or amusement?


Surprisingly, it’s the endless scroll of all those photos, whose subjects I picked out myself, that does it for me. Before a minute has passed, I’ve forgotten everything, even where I am, and I’m scrolling, repinning, liking, and enjoying it all.


How does this happen using Pinterest?

My guess is that the pictures you’re seeing don’t require any comment. No one is watching or waiting for an answer or like or comment. It’s a platform of fun images whose subjects we choose, that inspire us, tell us how to do something, or allow us save ideas for later. No pressure, just fun times. How can that not alleviate stress, sadness and frustration?


Let’s take a closer look at this crazy social media platform called Pinterest.

First of all, it seems very personal to me, made entirely by me, but still receiving pictures from the anonymous outside world. Kind of like magic. And this all happens when you set up your account and choose your interests.

Artist SallyE Pinterest Profile

It is very easy to use, including mobile. Sign up for an account (free) and name some interest “boards” where you save the pins (entries) you like for later. Then, start watching your feed of pictures. At the beginning Pinterest feeds you pins based on the boards you create.

When you find pictures you want to save, you might also want to check out the author/pinner by clicking on her name. When you see her board’s other pins, you’ll probably decide to follow her board to get future pins from this person. If you like all her boards, follow the person.

Yep, this sounds just like all those other social platforms – feeds, followers, friends. The big difference here is that there really isn’t any required or expected social reply. Nope. We’re all just saving stuff for later, not discussing it. It’s a very quiet, non stressful way of enjoying a stream of pictures you want to see.



Pinterest Search Begins for Original PaintingsLet’s Try Finding Some Artwork

What if you are looking for art? (Since I’m an artist, that’s the subject I’m going with, right?) If you haven’t already followed any artwork boards or people who pin art or at least home decor, then do a search. Be specific or use the search suggestions to get more specific. Here are some examples.
Start with “original paintings.”

Without choosing any of those options, here is the first screen of results.

You’ll find screens and screens of interesting boards and pins – more than you know what to do with. You don’t have to look at them all. Remember? No one is keeping track but you. Look again later to continue your search. Usually the results will be different every time since Pinterest keeps evolving pin by pin.


Pinterest Search - Original Paintings

It takes a few times through these steps to get comfortable with it. After all, it’s a different way of cruising the web. What I like is that the stream of pictures are only what I want to see, and no comments are required to enjoy myself.

Now that you have an insider’s tips, you’ll go far. Have fun. Chill out with it, too. Collect stuff, learn stuff, find stuff that inspires you. Pinterest is the place. Use it to let go, relax, have fun when things are stressed out. I get a kick out of it. Hope you do too!


I would love to hear if you use Pinterest, and what your experience has been. Is it a stress reliever for you? Or, if you give it a try on my recommendation, be sure to let me know how it goes in the comments at the bottom of this page. Thanks!!