I’m sure that over the years you’ve joined lots of email lists. You wanted to hear about sales, new products, what a company or person is doing, updates on products, club news, and just so many other things. So have I.

I’ve gotten a bit carried away. These days I think more carefully about giving out my email address. Do you?

Do you rate how much your really need to know what’s new with this company? High need? The exposer to the pitch for your email address usually comes after a few minutes at the website. What if you just like hearing about company deals, but you’re not sure you want to know daily? That might make you think about how many other emails you’re subscribed to for special sales. When is that email address something you want to disclose only to stores or artists or blogs that have something else to offer?


What about an Email Trade?

There is one more way that I’ve been thinking about where you might give out your email in exchange for news. The situation Artist SallyE (me) is in is a little different from all those I mentioned so far.

First of all, I’m on the other end of the equation.

Second of all, You don’t know me very well. You probably like some of my paintings or a post I wrote, but we aren’t buddies (yet). I need to give something to you so that you’ll give something to me. More specifically, I need to come up with something you might want so that you’ll be willing to trade me your email address subscription for this hypothetical something.

I’ve thought and thought about what I could give you, what you might like from me.  A discount coupon? A framed photo of me (haha), a box of cookies?


Artsy, but Tiny

My idea is to give you a mini painting on canvas. Now, I’m talking mini here – 4″ x 4″. It could sit on a tiny easel or you could frame it. Free, an original from Artist SallyE.

©2016 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All rights reserved.


I’ve come up with these four tiny canvas panels below. What to do? Paint them all the same, or each one different? Not a series of the same colors or ideas, I decided. Each one a new idea to explore.

This is the result of a couple of hours, mostly spent cleaning brushes because there was such a spread of colors and tools, too. Take a look at these little beauties!

©2016 Sally Erickson, Bend, OR. All Rights Reserved.


My Email Trade in Action

The way this trade works is that you sign up, verify your email address, then I ask for your address and color selection for the mini painting. I’ll create a tiny canvas just for you and mail it out the next day. Does that sound good to you? I really hope so. I’ve already painted these four, and they were lots of fun.

Here’s the
Trade-for-Mini-Canvas” deal
Click Here
Hope you’ll trade me!


If you have some other ideas for me for an artsy gift, please give me your suggestions in the comments below. If this is a terrible idea, I’d like to hear that too. Thanks for reading my short story.