Hang them or lean them, sets of mini abstract canvases will give you no trouble when you want to switch. I’ll give you some examples…


Here’s how it works.

I have a set of four purple 5″ x 5″ abstract canvases setting on top of a cabinet today. Tomorrow I can easily pick them up and move these paintings to my bedroom cabinet or shelf. These movable tiny canvas sets make it easy to continue to enjoy them in their new setting –  not so easy with sets of large canvases.

Purple Waltz Quartet - on cabinet - abstract paintings by Artist SallyE

=> See the step-by-step painting of this quartet of purple canvases here.

These sets of paintings, called diptych (2-painting sets), triptych (3-painting sets), and polyptych (4+ painting sets), come in all sizes, but the usual and most popular is very large. These are paintings that make a statement for walls of your office, living room, or bedroom, hung there for all time. They are also an investment and a careful purchase. You plan to enjoy them, pretty much, forever.

With the mini version paintings you will find versatility, variety, and a new look every time you move them. And, what about the place where you’ve moved them? Is there another set of mini canvases there that you switch to the first scene? Isn’t that clever!


Showing their versatility…


You know that these mini canvases can sometimes be hung in either vertical or horizontal orientations. But you might not think about it until the room you’d like to move them to doesn’t have an available cabinet or shelf, but a instead, a bit of tall wall space. Works amazingly well!

Yes, I know, not all sets of paintings can be hung in either direction, but many diptych and triptych paintings can. My “Expedition 15-16-17” set can (pictured here).

=> See the step-by-step painting of “Expedition” triptych gesso boards here.


Easy to hang, too!

One last point with all this versatility with small canvas sets for your art decor:  These are lightweight and easy-to-hang paintings. I have used removable Velcro strips to hang them on walls. The strips are easy to use and leave no holes or marks when you decide it’s time for a switch.


©2016 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.


A perfect way to start an art collection.

Now you will agree:  A set of mini canvases can decorate your kitchen today, your hallway tomorrow, and your office next week. A smaller investment and variety and versatility are built into ownership of these little gems for your art decor. I have several diptych, triptych, and polyptych sets I’m willing to sell to you…. (blatant sales pitch)


Expedition-Final 3
Expedition 15-16-17
: Triptych, each 10″x10″


Purple Waltz Quartet-First 2, abstract paintings by artist SallyE
Purple Waltz Quartet
: Polyptych (4), each 5″ x 5″


©2016 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.
Spring Spirits: 
Diptych, each 6″x8″


Autumn Spirits Final
Autumn Spirits:
Diptych, each 6″x8


Water Play: Triptych, each 8″x8″


I already have five more sets not listed here, and many more to come.
I hope you enjoy this idea of movable art. I do!