Great things are a series of small things brought together. -Vincent Van Gogh

A series of small things?

In my case that would be a series of paintings, blog posts, successful art shows, positive critiques

I am a list maker. I do paper, post-its, iOS apps, and Evernote. This is how I keep track of my series of small things. My long term planning helps me bring them all together to make something great. Let me give you some examples. Maybe you do this too!


Lists to Keep Track of Small Things

©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved

Today, this post is a subject I’ve listed in my blog posts list. The list is long and varied. I pick one, get my ideas organized (with a list), and start writing.

This is the post subject where I take a favorite quote (I use them in my posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) and explain what it means to me. If it all comes together in a blog post, I consider that great, don’t you?


How big is this series of small things?

So maybe it’s not great. Maybe the success of my art career – my long term goal – including blog posts to bring my art collectors to my website is the real “great things” I’m talking about. But there are a gazillion different series of small things that help me get there, not just this post.


©2017 Sally Erickson, Bend, Oregon. All Rights Reserved.

What’s your series of small things?

What are the series of small things you do to achieve your greatness? And, I’m going to bet that you use lists of some kind to keep track of your series of small things. However you do it, I wish you luck in achieving greatness.

Let us know how your series of small things are accomplished. Just find the comments waaay below. Thanks!!!