About Artist SallyE

A Gallery by Artist SallyE Designed Just for You

Hi, I’m Sally Erickson, an abstract artist known as SallyE. I’ve been an entrepreneur for all of my working life, and I’ve learned a thing or two about trust and loyalty. I’d really like to have yours. I expect to earn it.

I want to earn it with efficiency that translates to quick shopping, fun selection, easy check out, and, if needed, a promise of an easy return or exchange.

The photos for each painting should give you a very good idea how they will look in your home. This should also make your shopping easier and fun. Then, you will enjoy your new painting and come back for another.


Entrepreneur Sally Meets Artist Sally

I know about busy stressful days. I’ve had several businesses and all were stressful – fun, but stressful. When life delivered its next blow/opportunity, I gave up my technology and creating ads and brochures and websites for the much more free-flow process of abstract painting. What a change this has made in my life. No stress – just fun, joy, pride, and fulfillment.

I start with acrylic paint, sometimes adding gel mediums for texture on both paper and canvas. I like to use geometric patterns in a soft way. There is little unpainted surface, just lots of strokes of colorful paints.

I am always surprised by what I create, and I can’t wait to do it again.

My bold colors and forms may make you happy or suggest something fun in your past. I hope so. That is one of my goals. Another is to add decoration to your home or office. Then you’ll be able to repeat that feeling you had when you first looked at the painting whenever you pass by it.

I suggest ways of displaying your art in some of my blog posts (category Buyer Tips & Ideas). These tips will also help you with your new abstract paintings, and make it easier to buy and decorate with any painting you may own.

Please enjoy the in-progress posts and links to my newest blog posts, and a few fun quotes written over my paintings as backgrounds on Facebook.

Thank you for coming by.