Fiesta, slice, abstract painting by Artist SallyE Fiesta
Canyon Gold closeup, abstract painting by Artist SallyE Canyon Gold
Happy Birthday, slice, abstract painting by Artist SallyE Happy Birthday
Hidden Temple slice, abstract painting by Artist SallyE Hidden Temple
Purple Plume slice, abstract painting by Artist SallyE Purple Plume

Welcome to the Studio of Artist SallyE!
Come on in….

Expressing my cheerful outlook with
bright abstract paintings

I am so glad you came!  What will you see?

I, Artist SallyE, create wonderful abstract paintings – colorful, original, small. You can enliven just about any small space with these little gems of jewel-like colors.

  • Single paintings just 8”x 8” (to 18"x24")
  • Sets of three or four 6” x 6” (to 10"x10")

They are all in glorious colors. (Click to see slices of some paintings at the left.)

See the paintings best by going directly to the Art Gallery.

To see how I do this go to In Progress. Stories, step by steps, videos.

In addition, while you're looking around keep in mind that if you aren't totally happy with your new painting, it's easy to send it back for an exchange or refund – this is the Internet! It's suppose to be easy, right?

Have fun and take your time. …
You remember that little spot just above your desk?


Artist SallyE Paints....

Bright Abstract Paintings – small enough to hang anywhere!

Bright Colors

Turquoise, purple, orange, bright greens and limes and red - my personal fav. All shades of red. And metallic paints of all those colors.

Abstract Styles

Large areas of color with stokes of contrasting colors on top - lots of curved strokes - metallic paint - no realistic forms.

Canvas Types

Heavy artist papers to canvas panels to artist boards, and finally deep stretched canvases, from tiny 5" x 5" to 18" x 24".

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